Marie Jade + Jami (& Jean Leloup)

A non-traditional, bohemian and simple wedding day filled with so much love.

Meeting someone with the same name as me was already pretty special, but we also had the same values and many of the same interests. As soon as I met Marie Jade and Jami, I knew the love between them was very strong and true. It was such a pleasure to be by their side for their (second) big day, they got married for the first time at Burning Man in 2016. I feel so privileged to have been able to capture such beautiful and raw moments and to be able to assist to such an original wedding, with a festival vibe.

As this was not incredible enough, while I was doing some light tests, Jean Leloup came to me and asked me to photograph the bubbles of soap he was blowing. He was no less than the uncle of the groom and played an important role in his life, teaching him to ride a bicycle at 6 years old and to drive a car at 8 years old. We were lucky enough to assist to an intimate performance of some songs that will be presented in his next album, “L’étrange pays” .


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